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About Me

David's Profile PictureHi, my name is David and Welcome to PokerRoot.com! I started this blog to share my poker experience and now, I've added Videos and Articles to help other poker players. I also list the best poker deals including Free Poker Bankrolls and RakeBack Deals. I also blog about recent Poker News and even Poker Babes!

First time I played Hold'em was at a friend's house. I didn't like it, I didn't know what hands were good, what hands were bad and I would lose. I remember picking up 2s and had no idea what to do with them. I use to watch a Poker show on TV, "Caribbean Poker Adventure". I remember the intense headsup match between Gus Hansen and Hoyt Corkins and how Hansen got lucky and came back to win the tournament. I seen a play for free Pokerstars commercial on TV and signed up. I played in a few Sit and Go Tournaments and I loved it!

My first tournament was a 45man play money game and I came in 2nd. All I did was play super tight and got a little lucky. I lost the next 4 sngs I played but eventually I got better. I learned a lot from watching how the other players played. I built the 1000 play chips into a few million. My friend than tells me there's a $200 freeroll for Canadians every night on Pokerstars. I couldn't believe it, I could play a tournament everynight for free. And that's what I did. Everynight at 7, I played the tournament and one day I finished 2nd out of 8000 and won $22. Than I started playing $1 sngs, I still remember the first one I played. I played very tight until I placed in the money. Than I made a lot of all in moves with draws which should have worked against ordinary players but there are some terrible players at the $1 sngs. So I missed 2 big draws and was knocked out in 3rd place out of 9. I made $25 on the $1 sngs but than tried $3.50 Turbo sngs. Those didn't work out with my tight strategy and I lost $24.

I talked to one player at the table and he told me he started his bankroll from selling play chips. I couldn't believe it and thought why would anyone want to pay real money for play chips when you can just keep reloading the play chips when you run out for free. Anyway, he told me the site(See my How to Start a Poker Bankroll From $0 article) and I sold 6 million play chips I had for $60. I should have negotiated, I could have gotten $65 for sure. So now, I had $83 in my account and I started playing the $5 sngs. I turned it into $700 and cashed it out.

I then find out about free bankrolls where you actually get free money. I couldn't believe that either. I wish I knew about that before I created an account at Pokerstars because to get a free bankroll you usually have to have never played there with a real money account. (See Pokerstars $100 Free No Deposit Bonus)

My first free bankroll I got at VC Poker (No Long available, read more). $10 free upfront and $25 pending bonus. I build it up to $135 and cashed it out. My next stop was Unibet $50 free bankroll from Bankrollmob, turned it into $317 (read full story). Next, $50 free from Poker770, I withdrew it with a profit of $268.50, read more. Than $140 free from Action Poker which I turnd into over $1000..And so on. Now I have a bankroll over $5000.

Now, I will move onto Poker Gift deals which are the best deals out there. The poker rooms actually lose a lot of money with these deals in hopes that you continue to play at their site. Read more about Poker Gifts.

I was inspired by Chris Ferguson's $0 - $10k challenge. I decided to try it for myself, you can track my progress here.

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