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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Domain and SharkScope Graph

Sharkscope Graph

It's been 5 years since I posted to this blog. I created a new domain, My previous domain expired and someone bought it. So far it's been a lot of work updating all the links and there's still 1000+ broken links on this blog; I just have to find an easy way to do it. I wanted a simple website name, with 'poker' in the title and easy to remember. There's a few meanings of the word root, it could mean fundamental or essential part or the source or origin of a thing.

I have some new goals for the blog:
-Post regularly
-Share the best no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses
-Build my bankroll back up to over $10k (I cashed everything out except for $688 on Pokerstars), In total I've made over 10k
-Share poker news and interesting articles
-Join poker communities/forums

The best website to chat in the forums is Bankrollmob because you get paid 10 points ($0.10) every post over 100 characters and max 5 a day but you also get points for other things and you can cashout out to pokerroom or ewallet like Skrill once you get 5000 points ($50).

Best website for free no deposit bankrolls, deposit bonuses and free videos and articles is Pokerstrategy.

I started playing poker on pokerstars with 9 man Sit and Go's for play money and I found out people buy play chips for real money. 9 man Sit and go's just seemed easy, play tight and place top 3 and cash in the money. I got $160 for 16million pokerstars play chips(Now only worth $2-$5 per million play chips) and I started playing $1 and then $5 sit and gos, I tried $10 was just about break ever in $10. I eventually moved onto cashgame NL 25 and NL 50 and I just withdrew money and deposited it wherever I got the best deposit bonus. I cashed out $9000 USD cheque and a few smaller cheques. I've played a little bit live but there's no close casinos in Toronto, Ontario. Closest is Niagara Falls which is around 3 hour drive. I'll continue my story another day here is Sharkscope graph of my Sit and gos on Pokerstars:


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