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Friday, February 24, 2017

Viktor Blom & Hearthstone Streamers Thijs and Forsen Play Unibet Open London 9 handed Poker Tournament

February 24, 2017 11
Forsen Playing Poker
Forsen with the big stack
Poker Pro Viktor Blom, known for his aggressive play and playing at the highest stakes online, hearthstone streamers Thijs and Forsen, among others played in Unibet Open London, E-sports battle Royale IV. The tournament was streamed live from 15:00 CET on Feb. 22nd and you can watch the replay of the entire tournament in the video below or at this link:  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/123919006?t=14m00s. The tournament consisted of 9 players, there was a 1k Euro bounty on Viktor Blom, top 3 places get paid and first place gets 5k Euros.

The 9 players:

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom
Sebastian 'Forsen' Fors
Thijs 'Thijs' Molendijk
Scott 'Sco' Mcmillan
James 'JZFB' Bardolph
Craig 'Onscreen' Shannon
Alan 'Hotted89' Widmann
Sophia 'Djarii' White
Fabien 'Kioshima' Fiey

eSports SnG at Unibet Open London(Spoilers below)
Forsen knocked Thijs out of the tournament with QQ vs Thjis's AA. Both were all in preflop but Forsen hit a Queen on the flop giving him a set of Queens. Blom lost a big pot vs Forsen, top pair vs. Forsen's flush draw and open ended draw on the Flop. Forsen hit a straight on the turn, Blom bet every street out of position which was questionable. Blom slowly lost the rest of his chips. Forsen was knocked out by Hotted89, Forsen flopped 2 pair and slow played it by checking the flop and Hotted89 turned a set of 7s. Hotted89 ending up winning the tournament and taking the 5k Euro prize.
Hearthstone Streamers Thijs and Forsen Playing Poker Heads up in a pot
Thijs can't believe the flop and Forsen throwing his hands up in astonishment
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Winning Poker - It's About More Than Money - Ben Roberts

February 24, 2017 0
Ben Roberts PokerNew players who want to be good students of the game often ask me for advice. In response, I often tell them about emotional stability, which I touched on in my last tip. The next point I’d like to make is that they need to be careful when assessing their own play. That’s because there are a couple of common mistakes new players make that lead them to draw faulty conclusions about the strength of their play.
After playing for a short period of time, say 100 hours, a player starts to develop an opinion about his or her play. They might think they’re playing very well or very poorly, but this conclusion might be far from the truth. The problem is that, in the short term, anything can happen. A player may get very lucky or unlucky and show results that are either far higher or lower than they could ever expect in the long-term. However, over a longer period – say 300 hours or more – a player is going to get a much more accurate view of their ability to beat the game.

So what does this mean for you? In short, I recommend that you keep an eye on your long-term results no matter if you’re in the midst of a hot streak or a cold one. While taking the long view will help you more accurately assess your play, it can’t help you avoid every pitfall along the way.

For example, assume that I’ve played the following games of No-Limit Hold ’em and have managed the following debts and profits:

Game: $1/$2
Hours: 200
Profit/Loss: -$2,000

Game: $2/$4
Hours: 200
Profit/Loss: -$4,000

Game: $25/50
Hours: 30
Profit/Loss: +$36,000

At first glance, it looks like I’m dong pretty well, right? I’ve make a handsome profit of $30,000. Look deeper though and you’ll see that I wouldn’t want to quit my day job because, in fact, I’m doing quite poorly.

To better understand what I mean, don’t think about the actual dollar figures involved but, instead, think of each small blind as a unit. So, in a $1/$2 game, each unit is 1 and in a $25/$50 game each unit is 25.

How have I done in terms of units won and lost? I’ve lost 2,000 units in the $1/$2 game, 2,000 units in the $2/$4 game and won 1,440 units in the $25/$50 game. Total everything up and you’ll see that after 430 hours of play, I’ve lost 2,560 units. This is bad news.

As you keep records of your sessions, be sure to record the size of the game you’re playing and number of units you’ve won or lost. At the start of your poker career, put more emphasis on units won or lost than on your total profit. It’s a more accurate gauge as to whether you’re playing winning poker.

Ben Roberts
June 26, 2006
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Super High Roller Bowl 2017 - $300,000 Buy-In Tournament With Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Tony G and More

February 22, 2017 9
Daniel Negreanu Phil HellmuthSuper High Roller Bowl 2017

The Super High Roller Bowl is a high stakes poker tournament that is played once a year at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. It was one of the world's most expensive poker tournaments of the year with a $300,000 buy-in. The Super High Roller Bowl started in the year 2015 and had a $500,000 buy-in with 43 players. 49 players partiipated in 2006 and 56 players are planned to play in 2017 tournament.

Originally the 2017 tournament had a 35 player cap and it was sold out in the first day. The cap was raised to 56 because many other players showed interest. There are some big names competing in the tourament including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Dan Colman, Dan Smith, Jason Koon, Jason Mercier and also Bill Perkins, a wealthy buiness man who was a regular on High Stakes TV show.

The prize pool is $1.68 million and $6 million going to the winner. The 2017 tournament will take place from May 28-31.

The official site is https://www.superhighroller.com/

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Free Poker Money - No Deposit Required

February 22, 2017 4
Hey guys, here are 'no deposit' poker bonuses meaning you don't have to deposit to get the money. These are great to start playing poker when you have a $0 bankroll, you don't have a deposit method that works for you or you don't want to risk your own money. I also recommend Skrill as e-wallet to deposit and withdraw from pokerrooms since there is no fee.

United States Free Poker Money Offers (No Deposit required)

1) Signup at PokerSource
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first $25-$45 free! 

888NJ - $30 Free Money

  • Minimum Deposit: NONE
  • Free Poker Money: $30
  • Minimum Age: 21
  • Requirements: None

Borgata Poker - $45 Free Money

  • Minimum Deposit: NONE
  • Free Poker Money: $45
  • Minimum Age: 21
  • Requirements: 20 iRPs

PartyPokerNJ - $25 Free Money

  • Minimum Deposit: NONE
  • Free Poker Money: $25
  • Minimum Age: 21
  • Requirements: None

Free Poker Bankroll at 888 Poker - $88 No Deposit Bonus

1) Signup at Pokerstrategy
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first $8 free, unlock $20 in cash and $60 in tournament tickets as you play!

$8 FREE immediately upon registration: After claiming the offer via email link, and instant $2 in cash and $6 in tournament tickets will be credited to new players' accounts.

$80 FREE Gift: Players will get 10 x $8 gifts as they collect Status Points. For every 250 points earned players will get one $8 gift ($2 cash & $6 in tournament tickets).

Please note, players residing in the UK will receive a £20 Bonus Package. 

Only Persons located in following countries are eligible to enter the Promotion / claim the Bonus: Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Georgia, Serbia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Philippines, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Aland Islands, Pakistan, Estonia, Mongolia, Thailand, Morocco and Tunisia.

Free Poker Bankroll at Party Poker - $10 No Deposit Bonus

Free no deposit poker bonus at BankrollMob

1) Signup at Bankrollmob
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first $10 free!

$10 bonus - no deposit required!

Sign up an account at Party Poker and get $10 free + entry to a weekly Sunday $200 freeroll

In addition to the No Deposit Bonus, Party Poker is offering a 100% up to $500 first deposit bonus! This bonus is released in ten increments worth 10% of your total bonus amount!

This No Deposit Bonus is ONLY available for new players residing in Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Serbia, Armenia, Macedonia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Liberia, Lebanon Somalia, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Free Poker Bankroll at PokerMira - $100 No Deposit Bonus

1) Signup at Bankrollmob
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first $3 free(+$5 if you upload ID) and $97 more as you play!

Claim an exclusive $100 No Deposit Bonus from PokerMira! Your first $3 will be credited within 48 hours after you register your account. The remaining $97 will be credited in $10 increments after earning 200 VIP-points!

IMPORTANT: If you supply a copy of your passport/ID together with a photo of you holding the document to Poker MIRIA within 7 days after registration you will get an additional $5 for free!

Players residing in the following countries are NOT eligible for this bonus: Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus and the United States of America. This offer only applies for new customers.

Free Poker Bankroll at Titan Poker - $150 No Deposit Bonus

1) Signup at Bankrollmob
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first $20 free and $130 more as you play!

BankrollMob is offering an amazing $150 no deposit bonus where you will receive an initial $20 plus $6.5 for every 500 points you earn until you reach $130!

Deposit later and get 200% up to $2,000 matchbonus + 4 free tokens to the $2,500 Freeroll Tournaments + an entry to the $10,000 Monthly Bonanza Freeroll!

You will receive the initial $20 once your bonus request has been approved. For every 500 points that you earn, you will receive $6.50 until you reach the total bonus amount! 

If you don't play with your account within 30 days of when you receive the free $20 bonus, the $20 bonus will be removed from your account. 

This bonus is ONLY available for players residing in: Austria, Chile, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Free Poker Bankroll at 24hBet - €5 No Deposit Bonus

1) Signup at Bankrollmob
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first 5 EUR free!

New and eligible players will get €5 Free Money for poker when you sign up at 24hBet.

Money will be credited 12-24hrs after you have created the account and you get it by logging in to the poker client!

You need to rake €5 before being able to withdraw the bonus.
Bonus money will expire 30 days after you received it.

This bonus is ONLY available to players residing in Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Iceland, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden & Switzerland.

William Hill Poker $10/€8
1) Signup at PokerInside
2) Follow the steps
3) Enjoy the first 8 EUR free! 

Players will be issued €3.00 in cash and €5.00 in Twister Tournament Tokens.
This will be given automatically upon creation of your William Hill Poker account. Player must have a Poker Nickname to be eligible. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the bonuses.

The Sign Up bonus is eligible for players in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Poland, and Switzerland.
All withdrawals require a deposit.

First Deposit Bonuses - New Depositors Gift Bag
Players will be issued 200% of their deposit up to the amount of £1,200 / $2,000 / €1,500 - This will be given in bonus money and it will be automatically redeemed as you play real money games and generate WH Points. WH Points are awarded to players based on their play at William Hill Poker's real money poker games.
Players have 45 days to release the full bonus money balance.
Wagering requirements apply to withdraw the casino side games bonus.
All withdrawals require a deposit.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Phil Hellmuth Gets Aces Back to Back and Goes Broke

February 21, 2017 151
These 2 hands are from Poker Night in America $25/50 No-Limit Hold'em poker cash game, filmed LIVE on location at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA on January 28, 2017. Featuring Matt Glantz, Phil Hellmuth, Harlan Karnofsky, Bob Mather, Lee Markholt, Keith McNair, Rep Porter, Doc Sands, Jerry Utke, & Kelly Winterhalter. Featuring commentary from Tom Schneider & Matt Glatnz.

Originally streamed live on Twitch. You can check out the stream twitch.tv/PokerNightTV

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Daniel Negreanu - Value Bet or Check-Call? Video

February 21, 2017 55
Daniel Negreanu talks about a hand between Christian Harder(winner of the tournament) vs Mike Gentili from the tournament PokerStars Championship - Bahamas. Negreanu thinks value betting the river is the better play but I think value betting there opens the chance to get bluffed with a reraise. Negreanu could be right that is it more profitable in the long run. What do you think?

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New Domain PokerRoot.com and SharkScope Graph

February 21, 2017 2
Sharkscope Graph

It's been 5 years since I posted to this blog. I created a new domain, PokerRoot.com. My previous domain poker006.com expired and someone bought it. So far it's been a lot of work updating all the links and there's still 1000+ broken links on this blog; I just have to find an easy way to do it. I wanted a simple website name, with 'poker' in the title and easy to remember. There's a few meanings of the word root, it could mean fundamental or essential part or the source or origin of a thing.

I have some new goals for the blog:
-Post regularly
-Share the best no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses
-Build my bankroll back up to over $10k (I cashed everything out except for $688 on Pokerstars), In total I've made over 10k
-Share poker news and interesting articles
-Join poker communities/forums

The best website to chat in the forums is Bankrollmob because you get paid 10 points ($0.10) every post over 100 characters and max 5 a day but you also get points for other things and you can cashout out to pokerroom or ewallet like Skrill once you get 5000 points ($50).

Best website for free no deposit bankrolls, deposit bonuses and free videos and articles is Pokerstrategy.

I started playing poker on pokerstars with 9 man Sit and Go's for play money and I found out people buy play chips for real money. 9 man Sit and go's just seemed easy, play tight and place top 3 and cash in the money. I got $160 for 16million pokerstars play chips(Now only worth $2-$5 per million play chips) and I started playing $1 and then $5 sit and gos, I tried $10 was just about break ever in $10. I eventually moved onto cashgame NL 25 and NL 50 and I just withdrew money and deposited it wherever I got the best deposit bonus. I cashed out $9000 USD cheque and a few smaller cheques. I've played a little bit live but there's no close casinos in Toronto, Ontario. Closest is Niagara Falls which is around 3 hour drive. I'll continue my story another day here is Sharkscope graph of my Sit and gos on Pokerstars:

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