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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pokerstars - Platnium Star Challenge

Hey guys, it's been a while since I played online poker. I guess busy with life and gf but gf no longer so back to poker lol. Pokerstars had a reload bonus so I deposited $500 to take advantage of the full bonus. So I have a $250 pending bonus and I worked off $20 of it but lost $130 so far which sucks.. I think lately I am just running bad because I usually get all in with the best of it. Like today I had aces cracked by kings then not too long after by jacks.

Anyway, I stared playing the Zoom tables on Pokerstars. The ones where you fold and you get sent to another table with a new hand to play. I really like the zoom games, I didn't think I would but the game goes by so much faster and if you fold then you don't have to wait for the next hand. I play 2 zoom table at once, I'm pretty sure I can play 3 or even 4 but for now I'll play 2 until decisions become more routine. 
By the way, Pokerstars has 8 billionth hand coming up soon, there's prizes being given away right now just by playing at cash game table unfortunately no prizes for Zoom players. Also, if you are dealt billionth hand, you get at least $20k. Right now, it's at around 79,900,000,000 hand.
There will be 300 regular milestone hands, and a final Mega Milestone in each Road to 100 Billion celebration. For the 80 Billion celebration, it’s hand #79,700,000,000 to #80,000,000,000. Next up after that will be 85,000,000,000, so keep checking back to find out more.
Please Note: Hands dealt on Zoom tables are not eligible for milestone hand prizes. To win a prize, you must be playing on one of our regular cash game tables.

So, I have 560 VPP points so far for this month, my goal was at least to reach Gold star of 3000 VPP but I think I can hit the Platnium Star at 7500 VPP points. 

Anyway, here a couple big hands I won. I couldn't believe I got action on quad 4s :) One actually had 7s Full and the other had a straight. The second hand, I pushed all in on the turn just to make sure she would call if she had a flush draw.. I still ended up -$25 today, crazy. 

Anyway, if you want to play on Pokerstars, you can get $600 deposit bonus here: Pokerstars $600 Deposit Bonus



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