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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PokerInside - Sponsorships, Poker Nibs & Poker Babes!

PokerInside is a pokersite that offers sponsorships to poker players as well as a rakeback program, freerolls even they have their own poker babes! 

Free Stuff at PokerInside
  • Free Poker Money (Through sponsorship)
  • Free T-Shirt when you reach 2000 Nibs, just email support and they'll send you a T-Shirt, rememebr to tell them what colour you want! I was sent a yellow T-Shirt lol.
  • Free Membership to,  StackGuru is a poker site with videos uploaded by poker pros.
Here are some frequently asked questions about poker sponsorships:

What is a Poker Sponsorship?
A poker sponsorship is basically when a company/person gives money to a poker player and then the poker player has to do do something in return (for example play 500 hands of poker). 

Why does PokerInside offer sponsorships? 
Because the Pokerrooms pay PokerInside to bring them customers. 

Why would you be interested in a poker sponsorship? 
  • Because there is no risk, you get free money and if you lose it there is no consequence
  • Also, you may not have enough money to play poker
PokerInside has a point system where you are awarded Nibs for doing various things. Here are some basics about Nibs

What are Nibs and what are they used for?
Nibs are equivalent to Pokerstar's VPPs but the difference is Nibs do not expire. The more Nibs you have, the higher VIP status you have at PokerInside. Also, PokerInside also states that "you can also use your Nibs in our PI Store (coming soon) to buy cool gear or freeroll tokens for real cash prizes!"

How do you earn Nibs? 

Here are some of the ways I earned Nibs, there are more ways you can find out by going to PokerInside and hovering over "My PI" tab, then click "VIP progress"
  • Complete profile, earn 100 Nibs
  • Post in forum, earn 2 Nibs for each post you make (max of 10 nibs per day)
  • Join a Team - join any team and earn 100 Nibs (Post below if you want to join my team)
  • Poker Nibs - You earn these while playing at a pokerroom with your free sponsorship!
  • Enter MoneyBookers email - Earn 50 Nibs when you enter your email address in My Payment Accounts
What are you waiting for, signup to PokerInside now and get your free poker sponsorship and start earning your Nibs! Also check out more details about how to register for Betmost Poker sponsorship.

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Poker Babes at PokerInside! I'll post some images below.

Poker Inside Poker Babes!


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