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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PokerInside - Sponsorships, Poker Nibs & Poker Babes!

May 08, 2012 2

PokerInside is a pokersite that offers sponsorships to poker players as well as a rakeback program, freerolls even they have their own poker babes! 

Free Stuff at PokerInside
  • Free Poker Money (Through sponsorship)
  • Free T-Shirt when you reach 2000 Nibs, just email support and they'll send you a T-Shirt, rememebr to tell them what colour you want! I was sent a yellow T-Shirt lol.
  • Free Membership to,  StackGuru is a poker site with videos uploaded by poker pros.
Here are some frequently asked questions about poker sponsorships:

What is a Poker Sponsorship?
A poker sponsorship is basically when a company/person gives money to a poker player and then the poker player has to do do something in return (for example play 500 hands of poker). 

Why does PokerInside offer sponsorships? 
Because the Pokerrooms pay PokerInside to bring them customers. 

Why would you be interested in a poker sponsorship? 
  • Because there is no risk, you get free money and if you lose it there is no consequence
  • Also, you may not have enough money to play poker
PokerInside has a point system where you are awarded Nibs for doing various things. Here are some basics about Nibs

What are Nibs and what are they used for?
Nibs are equivalent to Pokerstar's VPPs but the difference is Nibs do not expire. The more Nibs you have, the higher VIP status you have at PokerInside. Also, PokerInside also states that "you can also use your Nibs in our PI Store (coming soon) to buy cool gear or freeroll tokens for real cash prizes!"

How do you earn Nibs? 

Here are some of the ways I earned Nibs, there are more ways you can find out by going to PokerInside and hovering over "My PI" tab, then click "VIP progress"
  • Complete profile, earn 100 Nibs
  • Post in forum, earn 2 Nibs for each post you make (max of 10 nibs per day)
  • Join a Team - join any team and earn 100 Nibs (Post below if you want to join my team)
  • Poker Nibs - You earn these while playing at a pokerroom with your free sponsorship!
  • Enter MoneyBookers email - Earn 50 Nibs when you enter your email address in My Payment Accounts
What are you waiting for, signup to PokerInside now and get your free poker sponsorship and start earning your Nibs! Also check out more details about how to register for Betmost Poker sponsorship.

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Poker Babes at PokerInside! I'll post some images below.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pokerstars - Platnium Star Challenge

May 04, 2012 5
Hey guys, it's been a while since I played online poker. I guess busy with life and gf but gf no longer so back to poker lol. Pokerstars had a reload bonus so I deposited $500 to take advantage of the full bonus. So I have a $250 pending bonus and I worked off $20 of it but lost $130 so far which sucks.. I think lately I am just running bad because I usually get all in with the best of it. Like today I had aces cracked by kings then not too long after by jacks.

Anyway, I stared playing the Zoom tables on Pokerstars. The ones where you fold and you get sent to another table with a new hand to play. I really like the zoom games, I didn't think I would but the game goes by so much faster and if you fold then you don't have to wait for the next hand. I play 2 zoom table at once, I'm pretty sure I can play 3 or even 4 but for now I'll play 2 until decisions become more routine. 
By the way, Pokerstars has 8 billionth hand coming up soon, there's prizes being given away right now just by playing at cash game table unfortunately no prizes for Zoom players. Also, if you are dealt billionth hand, you get at least $20k. Right now, it's at around 79,900,000,000 hand.
There will be 300 regular milestone hands, and a final Mega Milestone in each Road to 100 Billion celebration. For the 80 Billion celebration, it’s hand #79,700,000,000 to #80,000,000,000. Next up after that will be 85,000,000,000, so keep checking back to find out more.
Please Note: Hands dealt on Zoom tables are not eligible for milestone hand prizes. To win a prize, you must be playing on one of our regular cash game tables.

So, I have 560 VPP points so far for this month, my goal was at least to reach Gold star of 3000 VPP but I think I can hit the Platnium Star at 7500 VPP points. 

Anyway, here a couple big hands I won. I couldn't believe I got action on quad 4s :) One actually had 7s Full and the other had a straight. The second hand, I pushed all in on the turn just to make sure she would call if she had a flush draw.. I still ended up -$25 today, crazy. 

Anyway, if you want to play on Pokerstars, you can get $600 deposit bonus here: Pokerstars $600 Deposit Bonus

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gus Hansen's Websites & GusHansen.TV, What Happened to Them?

May 02, 2012 1
Gus Hansen

Back in 2007, Gus Hansen operated 2 successful poker websites; & GusHansen.TV. There were 4,500 members and a database with close to 100,000 subscribers to the weekly newsletters. So what went wrong? Why Did Gus decide to sell his websites? Well, according to Gus:

"I have been very happy to get close to my fans during our adventure, but it has to work behind the scenes, and under the current circumstances, we have agreed to call it quits" says Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen is known for his ridiculously loose wild poker style, and many believe he sold the websites because he was not doing well in big cash games. The site sold for $37,500 in late 2009. The buyer has since sold the site for just $3050 in July 2011.

So, why do you think Gus sell his sites? I think he sold them because he can make $1 million in a day playing poker and the website was too time consuming. But Gus has made a new blog so I'm not sure. Check out his blog:

Gus Hansen's website ThePlayr sold for $37,500 on Sitepoint/Flippa
Screen of auction selling for $37,500 at Sitepoint/Flippa 
Auction description: is an online poker community currently featuring the international poker superstar Gus Hansen. was launched in September 2007 on the Danish market and in April 08 the site was firmly established as the biggest poker news site and second largest poker community site in Denmark (according to the Alexa ranking). An international version in English was launched in January 2008, and in April 2008 an Italian site was added. has been an exclusive partner of Full Tilt Poker enabling the unlimited use of the Gus Hansen brand. This partnership, however, is concluded, and Gus Hansen will no longer be part of the concept following a sale. This means that any content currently on authored by Gus Hansen will be stripped from the site prior to a sale. For reference this includes and is limited to the sections Gus Hansen’s Poker Academy, Gus’ Blog, Ask Gus, Gus TV and Gus Tracker.   Marketing investments of $160,000 include direct and co-reg leads, CPM at large Danish media and international poker sites, CPA, SEO etc. Former partnerships with CardPlayer, EB and Expressen (Denmark’s and Sweden’s largest tabloid papers respectively) and URBAN (second-largest Danish newspaper in circulation) have increased brand awareness but are no longer in effect.     The site has 4,500 members and a database with close to 100,000 subscribers of our weekly newsletters. We have used Zoomio campaigner for this multi-channel marketing. features a strong background catalogue with world-class content produced by our own journalists. This includes a massive beginners’ guide, a vast section containing statistics and probabilities plus very likely the most extensive poker dictionary ever made available online. Also offers an extensive results database from the poker circuit. Due to lack of success with the international versions the site has not been regularly updated since June 08. Note that the Italian site is in reality inactive.
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Where Can You Play Online Poker In The US?

May 02, 2012 1
Ever since Black Friday, US citizens have had a hard time to find where to play poker. On April 15, 2011 the US Government shut down the 3 biggest pokerrooms, Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker. This sent a shockwave threw the poker community and many players have not received their money from the pokerrooms, most noticeably Full Tilt Poker. The Government seized Millions of dollars and the .com domains. Pokerstars paid the fine and removed their client from the US market, Full Tilt on the other hand did not have enough money to pay back all he players and Full Tilt is currently in negotiations to selling to Pokerstars for an undisclosed fund rumored at $750 million ($330 million will go toward the repayment of players, while the rest will settle the outstanding charges against PokerStars).

Now, you may be wondering where can you play poker in the US? And there's 3 main options;

 -Play live Poker
 -Move to Canada, Mexico, europe, etc 
-Play at one of the pokerrooms that still allow US players to play.

There are 3 main pokerrooms that still allow US players and they are:

1) Bovada - This is a new pokerroom that just launched in Dec 2011 but is on the Bodog network so technically it is not new. It is for US players only but you will play against players all across the world because Bovada is just one company on a large network. Bovada has about half the amount of traffic of Carbon Poker(Merge Gaming Network)

2) Cake Poker - Is on the CakePoker Network and was established in 2004. Their sofware has 3D avatars which gives it a unique playing experience. There is less selection but you shouldn't have a problem finding medimum and low stakes games here. There are many promotions and freerolls.

3) Carbon Poker - This is the largest pokerroom that still accepts US players. Carbon Poker is on the Merge Gaming Network. Good game selection and the competition is not too tough. The software is stable and cashouts seem to be the fastest here. There are also Monthly MTT and SNG leaderboards to earn extra cash on top of vip system and bonuses.

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