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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$163 Coin Flip and Pokerstar's Online Poker Show Freeroll

July 07, 2010 1
Today, I decided to take a chance at $.50/$1 table. I bought in for $60. Lost a few hands, won a few hands. Kind of getting unlucky. Then I pick up AK in the small blind. 1 guy limps in and button raises to $5. I make it $50 to go cause the guy on the button's range is kind of wide like he could have a suited connector or a low pair. But he has 10s and I lose the coin flip. Kind of sucks cause I hit an ace on the flop and he hit 10 on the river.

$163 Pot
Anyway, I have $16 left in my Betmost account. Not sure what I'll do with it, maybe play a few sit and gos.

Online Poker Show Freeroll

I was watching Pokerstar's Sunday Million replay and they gave a password for a freeroll. First place is only a $215 ticket for Sunday Million which kind of sucks unless there are only a few hundred people who join. Pokerstars also invited me to a $10,000 freeroll on July 11th which is cool..

Pokerstar's Online Poker Show Freeroll

- Free $100 Bankroll at Pokerstars
- Free $150 Bankroll at Titan Poker
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Betmost Sponsorship and Busto to Robusto

July 06, 2010 1
It's been awhile since I have posted. A little busy working I guess. Anyway, I felt like playing a little bit of poker. Betmost game me $55 for free too which was really nice of them. I joined Betmost with a sponsorship deal from Poker Inside. Poker Inside gave sent me a free T-Shirt too which was cool but it's yellow lol..

So anyway, I decided to play on Betmost just for fun at a cash table. I bought in for $25 and got dealt kings after a few hands. I was on the button and made a standard raise, I was happy someone called. Flop comes K86, 2 clubs and I make continuation bet. I get check raised and I just decide to call because I don't want to scare him away. 10 of clubs comes, pretty much worst card. He bets $5 and I call. River he pushes and I'm pretty sure he made a flush but I call because there was a lot of money in there and my set of kings could be good. Turns out he just had KQ and I take down the pot.

A few hands later I made a bad bluff and lost $10. Then next hand, a small stack reraises me all in and I'm on tilt now. So next hand I have 53 of clubs in small blind and decide to call a big raise. I flop a flush draw and check. Button continuation bets $6 and there's $14 in the pot so I call. Turn, I decide to check raise all in but the other guy checks behind. I hit a 5 on the river and I check. Button checks and I end up winning with 5s.

Busto to Robusto

Anyway, I watched a couple documentaries about some online poker pros including one with Andrew "goodtocu" Robl. The website was robustothemovie.com but the site is down now... Hosting fees are expensive. Here's the first episode:

Check out the episode 2 with Andrew Robl

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What's Your Favorite Poker TV Show? [Poll Arhive]

July 06, 2010 1
World Series of Poker 14 (41%)
High Stakes Poker 9 (26%)
Poker After Dark 6 (17%)
World Poker Tour 3 (8%)
Other 2 (5%)
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