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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hellmuth, Negreanu, Nguyen and Harman Pose Nude For ESPN The Body Issue

ESPN is out with their new body Issue Magazine. In it, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and Jen Harman playing some cards, naked!

Hellmuth, Negreanu, Nguyen and Harman Pose Nude In ESPN The Body Issue

Its pretty funny that Negreanu is wearing his Pokerstars patch covering one of his nipples. I guess luckily for Harman she had a big chip stack covering hers.

Harman was a little nervous at first:

“I got a phone call from one of my friends at ESPN,” said Harman. “He said that it was going to be a good shot and that it would be done with a lot of class.”

So, Harman accepted. As did Kid Poker, the Poker Brat, and the Prince of Poker. Negreanu declined the photoshoot at first but later accepted:

“It’s not like they were going to have Patrik Antonius or Gus (Hansen) there,” said Negreanu. “I said, ‘I can fit in with this group.’”

Daniel said the shoot wasn't that bad:

“I worked out (beforehand). I had a nice tan going,” said Negreanu. “I sucked my belly in, and I was good to go.”

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  1. Pretty cool except Phil Hellmuth's semi-man boobs kills the photo, haha. Just kidding Phil!

  2. Those man boobs must be at least a B cup! jk:)

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