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Friday, October 31, 2008

Free Poker Bankrolls, Deposit Bonuses, Poker Gifts and RakeBack

October 31, 2008 0
Free Poker BankrollsRecommended for Beginners to Intermediate players who do not want to risk their own money. There are two important things you should look at before you take on a free bankroll and that is the cashout restriction and RakeBack Percent.
Deposit BonusesRecommended for Intermediate players who are ready to deposit.
Poker GiftsRecommended for Intermediate to Pro's who want to get the best value when they deposit but don't mind playing at a few different pokerrooms.
RakeBackRecommended for Semi Pro's to Pro's who want to play at one pokerroom with steady rakeback.
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HighStakes: Record pot at Full Tilt!

October 31, 2008 0
Last weekend the biggest pot (online) ever was played at Full Tilt on one of their highstakes tables. The pot reached the amount of $723 000, and with that it beats the old record of $607 000. Involved in this monster pot were "durrrr", Phil Ivey, "urindanger" and Gus Hansen. Winner of the pot was "urindanger" and he left the table after winning about $650 000!

Interested in a $100 no deposit bonus at Full Tilt?
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Action Poker - Rough Session

October 27, 2008 1
Action Poker - Free $140

I played a few hours at Action Poker and very rough session. I mean I was playing good than getting some bad beats than getting some chips than more bad beats:( And in between that, I got a suck out that saved me. One huge one, $80 pot. If I didn't hit a jack on the river, I'd be down $160. I ended today with $265, started with $230 so up $35 today and nearly unlocked $25 deposit bonus. And on top of that, I can trade my points in for cash or enter tournaments with them.

Two $80 pots..
First one, when he raised me on the river my first instincts told me I'm beat but I only had 19 seconds to act and I was mulitabling and couldn't put him on a hand that beats mine. Thought maybe he had 77 but I beat that and thought it would probably be a split pot. Pretty sick..getting $38 in there on the river when I have position..ahhh shit

Second hand, what can I say.. I never felt so happy when jack came on the river

I like this play. Bet preflop, continuation bet flop than check/raise turn.

This one, I think the timer was going 3,2,1 so I couldn't slide the bar to raise enough preflop. I got him to put all his money on the turn on a flush draw, unfortunately he hit his flush.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

$1000 Action Poker Freeroll

October 26, 2008 0
Okay, so BankrollMob has Action Poker $1000 Freeroll Every month. It was today and I played in it. Only 57 players so that's like $18 each if every one splits it but there's players sitting out and dead money too. There's 2 bounties, Action Poker Staff member and Bankrollmob staff member. Knock one of them out and get a $110 seat for another tournament. I was so close to knock one out, came down to a coin flip that I lost.

Anyway, back to the tournament. I had 80k chips, started with 5k. I was nearly 1st in chips, 8 players left. I push with 10s, guy calls with ace queen and hits queen on the river and I lose 55k. Next hand I push with king jack in small blind, big blind wakes up with ace 10 and I'm out in 8th place. 2 hands, nearly 1st to busted.. What can you do, I was aggressive and playing for 1st so happy with how I played. $35, would have liked $230 better. The thing I noticed is, I never had my whole stack in the pot until the last had. No one called my all ins. I just built my stack stealing blinds.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

WSOP Main Event finalists selling advertisements on eBay

October 23, 2008 0
Ylon Schwartz (5 in chip count) and Dennis Phillips (chip leader) are two players that will play the WSOP Main Event final table on the 9th November, fighting for a prize pool of approximately 23.7 Million Dollars.

Now these 2 players have started an auction each on eBay where it's possible to bid on a ten-square-inch logo on their shirts.

The bidding price for a ten-square-inch logo on Ylon's shirt starts at 37 500 dollars, no bidders so far. Dennis Phillips started much lower than Ylon and have already received an offer of 13 600 dollars.

Both players will wear the shirt with the logo on during the WSOP Main Even Final Table which will be watched by many millions of people around the world.

All the money Dennis will make from this auction will go to National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Gateway Area Chapter in St. Louis. What Ylon will do with the money is not mentioned on his auction on eBay.

Ylon's ebay listing
Dennis' ebay listing
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Duplicate Poker Forced to Close Down

October 22, 2008 0
The online poker site Duplicate Poker launched their site about three years ago but are now forced to close down due to the current financial situation in the world. Duplicate Poker offered a kind of poker where all the players were dealt the same hands and the winner was the player that managed to win the most chips in that hand. The reason why the introduced this version of poker was to get around the UIGEA and offer a poker game that is pure skill.

On the website of Duplicate Poker they mention that they have been taking a hard hit due to the recent economic crisis in the US. All costumers will still be able to log in to their accounts and withdraw their funds.
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Ultimate Bet - $100 Free No Deposit Bonus

October 22, 2008 0
Basic Site Info
$100 free at UltimateBet from YourPokerCash
Traffic: Medium
Minimum age: 18
US players accepted

Bonus Information
Network: Excapsa (UltimateBet) Network
Bonus type: $50 + $50 No Deposit Bonus!
Initial bonus: $50
Resizable tables: Yes
Requirements for extra bonus: Extra $50 is released in increments of $5 per 100 Ultimate Points
Cashout restriction: You cannot cash out until you have played at least 2500 Raked Hands

Sign-up Instructions
If you already have a Real Money UltimateBet account, you cannot participate in this promotion!
Note: Use the links provided to make sure you are tracked properly! If you aren't tracked properly, you can't be rewarded for your play.
Step 1: If you have ever visited the UltimateBet website, delete your cookies and uninstall all UltimateBet software before continuing! Make sure your browser accepts all cookies! If your Security or Privacy level in your browser is set too high, it may block the (perfectly harmless) cookies that need to be set to track you properly!
Step 2: Register with YourPokerCash via this link
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the YourPokerCash page
Step 4: When you get your money, you're ready to start playing!

How to earn Ultimate Points at UltimateBet
You earn Basic UltimatePoints in hands in which you contribute to the pot, according to this table:

Ring Game Stake LevelsHands/Points
LOW STAKEHIGH STAKENumber of Raked HandsPoints Earned
You also earn 1 Basic UltimatePoint per $0.30 in tournament fees.

As you gain RAI$E VIP Levels, you will start to earn more UltimatePoints because of a multiplier. These extra points do NOT count towards promotions.

More about YourPokerCash
YourPokerCash is one of the leading providers of No Deposit bonuses. There are more identification processes to be followed here than with other No Deposit Poker providers, but YourPokerCash is a site you can definitely trust.
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Friday Night

October 11, 2008 0
Okay, so I went to the movies tonight. Watched 'Eagle Eyes', I didn't like it. My friends said it was pretty good but I thought it was so unrealistic. I guess I don't like fiction movies but I liked Matrix and Lord of the Rings. I guess Eagle Eyes is just too far fetched for me.

Anyway, after the movies, some of the prettiest girls I ever seen stopped us out side of LCBO (liquor Store) and asked if we'd buy them some beer for them because they're underage(they looked 17). My buddy was like no and I felt like the guys from dumb and dumber.

Ya, so anyways. We ended up playing poker and Warcraft 3 Dota

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