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Monday, September 29, 2008

Action Poker - Cashing Out

September 29, 2008 0
Action Poker - Free $140

Alright, I played a little bit of Action Poker. It's called Action Poker for good reason, you get action on almost every hand. I played a 3 hour session, longest session I've played. I was playing too many hands and bluffing to bad players..As Mike Matusow would say "Never bluff to an idiot". So I lost $65 in 30 minutes, tightened up and worked it to a $10 deficit. I pick up Kings in middle position, 2-3 guys post 25cent blinds dead ahead of me which I like and than 2 people limp in before me. So lots of dead money, I raise to $3 hoping for some action. I get my Action but the other guy hits a straight with 8s and I lose $35 pot.

Anyway, at the end of the day I'm minus $32..If I win with the kings than I'm up $3. I unlocked a $25 bonus so just down $7. I cashed out $450 to MoneyBookers. I still have $166 in Action Poker and will deposit next month if Bankrollmob has another tournament.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Beat on Action Poker:(

September 28, 2008 0
Action Poker - Free $140

Okay, I'm at $614 right now, deposited $60 so far..lost a hand, got me on tilt.

I trapped this guy good too..perfect bet on the flop to get the idiot to raise..Almost reraised on flop but thought he had like king ten or something and would fold. Turn gives him more outs but come on..let me win one time

By the way, I finished 20th out of 77 in the Mobster tournament and got $10. A few hands in got crippled when my kings lost to ace king, all in preflop too. Worked my stack back up but than lost a 30-70 and than got knocked out when someone hit their open ender straight draw.
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Played a little Action Poker, Very Good Day:)

September 28, 2008 0
Alright, I haven't posted in a few days. I played Action Poker on 2 other days. First day up $30, second day down $47. It was terrible the second day. I was gambling and I was down $80 but worked it back to $47. The main problem was I was distracted. Family all around making lots of noise, tv blaring, family bugging me. Was a really bad day. And every time I make my 4 outer straight or hit my flush, than someone else would have a higher flush or full house. And I seemed to pay off their value bets, I know I'm beat but getting the odds and how can I fold a monster to these donks.

Anyway, that was last 2 days. Today I started with $508. Down from $555 the day before. Today, I woke up early and had nice shower and some cereal. Got to work on 3 tables. No distractions, had my mind set on poker. I played good poker, more aggressive than my usual play but I was the big stack at the table so I bullied small stacks a little. Only mistake I really did was I got 9s and loose aggressive player raised and I reraised all in for $15 and he had queens. I got rivered a few times when they only had 2-3 outs but I got lucky too so not complaining:)

Anyway, I'll show some hands from today. After that, I'll make some lunch and play in the Mobster $1000 tournament. There's 72 registered and top 25 places are paid so I like my chances. Only problem is its a long tournament and most likely be 3-4 hours. Not really my kind of tournament but got in free and play against friends from Bankrollmob. You can join too, just click here to join.

67 suited, standard raise, almost get mini raised so getting great odds to call. Dream flop, well can't get a much better flop than that. I bet pot, willing to go all in with it. Don't like him calling but nice turn and I bet small on turn, hoping he would reraise. River I push, I think its a bad call on river by him, I wouldn't have made the call on flop by him either.

Karman Vs. GeneYuss

Karman is very loose, raised me like 5 times in a row preflop after I raised. Thought maybe he's a good player or just getting cards but no. He's a bad player who likes to play any 2 cards.

Karman Vs. GeneYuss hand 1, What's he doing in this hand. He has no business here but I'm happy he paid me off:)

Karman Vs. GeneYuss hand 2, What is he doing. No business in this hand either. Thought I lost for a sec when 8 came but happy to see it a diamond:) 3 Diamond flushes today:)

Karman Vs. GeneYuss hand 3, unfortunately I lost this one. I limped in cause I wanted to win a big pot if I hit another 10 and who knows, someone else might raise and isolate the field. So, Karman raises, first thought I was beat but its Karman I can't give him any credit. Why couldn't I suck out one time.

I got lucky in this one, what can I say. He played it good but that's the risk you take slow playing.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Bluff Against a Solid Player - 'Rocky' Ross Boatman

September 22, 2008 0
When trying to steal pots in No-Limit Hold'em, you have to ask yourself questions like: "How likely is it that my opponent has a hand?" and "Does my bet (bluff) make sense in the context of the way the hand played out?"

Asking these questions is important. Answering them accurately is critical.

A recent example of a bluff and counter-bluff came up at the $5K No-Limit Hold'em event at the World Series of Poker. I was down to the final two tables and had 6-2 off-suit in the big blind. The small blind called and I checked. The flop came down J-T-6 with two diamonds. My opponent checked and I thought, "I'll take one shot at this." I had a pair and position, and I was going to try to take the pot right there. When my opponent called, I pretty much gave up on the pot.

The next card came a diamond, making a possible flush, and my opponent checked again. I also checked, giving him a pretty good idea that I didn't have the flush. The river card was a blank and he came out betting.

I knew I didn't have a hand, but my read made me pretty sure he didn't have one either. I didn't think he'd hit a flush, and I knew I could make it look like I was trapping on the turn with a flush myself so, after he bet $16,000, I raised to $50,000. After about a minute, he let go of the hand.

Now, let's take another look at the action here. When my opponent checked the flop, I saw the opportunity to make a play and tried to steal the pot. He obviously called with some kind of hand. We both checked the turn when the possible flush came and he led out after the river brought no obvious help to either of us. He could have been trying to trap me with the flush, but I just didn't read it that way. When he tried to steal the pot, I couldn't just call even though he almost surely had my 6 beat. Still, I was pretty sure I could make him lay down his hand with a raise.

For these types of plays to be successful, you have to think ahead of the bet you're making and ask yourself how likely it is that the player has a made hand. He had to have a flush to call my raise on the river unless he thought I was making a play.

Any bluff or counter-bluff you make has to be calculated. Any play should be based on some information from the betting, the player, or from some any reads that you're able to make. This one wasn't so much a read on the player, but a read on the situation. Even though it was possible he had made his flush, I wasn't convinced. That's why I thought I could make him believe I had connected by raising on the river. To him, the action made sense. It looked like I'd made a semi-bluff on the flop, betting with a draw. I'd checked on the turn in order for him to bet on the river so I could raise him with a made hand. He was an intelligent player and I think that's the way he read it back to himself.

You always have to try and gather as much information as you can before you make those kinds of plays. You need to know that the player you're up against is intelligent enough to read the situation. You don't want to be making an advanced play like that on somebody who's not going to be able to make sense of it.

By making smart reads and taking advantage of these opportunities over the course of a tournament, you can help build your chip stack and put yourself in contention for the final table.

'Rocky' Ross BoatmanRoss Boatman is well known to the British public as a popular actor who also plays poker. On the poker circuit, he is known as a top poker pro who also happens to be an actor.

His acting skills no doubt contribute to the powerful presence and confidence that help make him such a formidable and respected opponent. Relaxed and good-natured, he is as popular as he is feared. Ross is probably best known for his eight years as the lovable Kevin in 'London's Burning', Britain's most successful ever TV drama series. He has many TV credits to his name and his stage career has covered the full range from costume drama to light comedy, most notably his starring roll in the award winning West End production of Dealer's Choice a comedy based around a poker game! Ross's move roles have included a staring as a gangster in 'Hard Men', the stylish black comedy that is the acknowledged forerunner to 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'.

Ross has an impressive and cosmopolitan poker pedigree. He made the Austrian World Series Trial final four years in a row. He has been Irish Open Omaha champion, Austrian Open Omaha champion and British Open Poker champion. Despite juggling his two careers he was the top money winner on the European tournament circuit in 2002. He continues to score highly on world tour where his many recent achievements have included the 2004 British High-low Omaha championship.
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Action Poker - PLaying some 0.10/.25 Cash Game

September 22, 2008 0
Action Poker - Free $140I haven't played poker in a 1-2 weeks. I deposited at Action Poker to get free entry into $1000 BankrollMob Tournament and I will deposit again in the next couple days to play in another BankrollMob tournament on Sept. 28th. If you haven't signed up for Action Poker, go now, head over to Bankrollmob and get your free $40 and $100 in pending Bonus. Its one of the easiest bonuses to work off.

So I bought in for $25 at 4 tables of 10cent/25cent. So had $100 of my $430 on the table. First thing I noticed is every playing so bad, like calling huge raises than folding to small bets on flop and than making huge raises/reraises. So first 20 minutes, I gambled with them lol. Down $10 and than tightened up and was raking in the money. After I won some huge pots I started to get some respect with my raises. Than I played aggressive against some tight players and worked great because I won 3-4 small pots. Than when they hit their top pair, I had a better hand and they just ship the money over to me:D

Moneymaker's Book
I'm reading Moneymaker's book. His story about him buying into a $40 satellite on Pokerstars and than winning 2003 World Series of Poker. Pretty good book so far, I like how he tells 2 stories at the same time, his personal life and than his run at the WSOP.

Moneymaker won 18 man sit and go, turning his $40 into $650 ticket. Than he had to place top 3 out of 68 to get $10,000 ticket to WSOP plus $1000 cash. He was actually aiming for the 4th place prize which paid $8000 cause he had some bills to pay but his friend talked him into going for top 3. – Books at Blowout Prices

Here's the book I bought. New book, 83% off, only $3.99. There's some other books too. I bought $60 worth of books because if you spent $60 than you can get $10 off with coupon here.

Anyway, back to Action Poker. Here's a hand, standard raise preflop. Than I get reraised. I was playing 4 tables at a time and I looked back at the table and I had 2 seconds left to act so I clicked raise. I should have clicked "pot". But it worked out, he pushed $20 and i called instantly because 1) Everyone at the table was drunk and 2) Only kings/Aces have me in bad shape. He showed ace 7, happy I won that pot:)

This hand, standard raise preflop. Donkey calls and shortstack pushes his last little bit of money. I raise trying to isolate and donk calls. I hit top pair, he bet $2 into $8 pot. I found it total weak and raised. Maybe I should have pushed but I have to value bet too sometimes so I dunno. Turn, I should have checked and fold to all in on river but thought he might have king10 or queen10.

This hand, I hit top 2 pair. Hit so many 2 pairs today. What the hell is adjustar doing lol. I'm pretty sure he's drunk. At least I got my money back from him.

This one, it was only 2-3 handed for a while. I was stealing blinds, just taking any pot I wanted. I look down at AA, it was like music to my ears lol. I standard raise it .75 cause I ahve position. Somtimes I bet $1 if its more than 2 handed, than big blind would have position. Anyway, he bets pot and I raise 3x hoping he had a king. He calls, I'm pretty sure he has a king, maybe flush draw. Ace on the turn, gave me the nutts. No other hand can beat me. He min bets .25 telling me he wants to play a small pot and either he was on a draw or not sure if his king was good. Ace on the river was a good card for me, made it less likely I had an ace in my hand, nevertheless 2 of them. He min bets again on the river telling me he has a little something, at least a pair. Not a draw because a draw he would either check or bluff bigger. So I stick it all in and happy to see him call:)
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's New at Poker Source Online?

September 18, 2008 0
Oh, Canada!
PSO is pleased to announce that Canadians can now take advantage of Instant Bankroll on Doyle's Room. Play with Doyle, his son Todd, and the Mad Genius of Poker Mike Caro every Wednesday in the site's high-stakes bounty tournament. It's only available on Doyle's Room and now part of IB for Canadian PSOers!

You must be 21 years old and be a USA or Canadian citizen to get free Bankroll at Doyle's Room.
Register Now
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Discounted Poker Books - 50%-95% Off!

September 17, 2008 0 – Books at Blowout Prices

Hey guys, just found a book site with very good deals. They have Poker Books and I bought about 15 books for $60 and used a coupon code for an additional $10 off. All the books are 50% to 90% off and even sometimes 95% off! Good shipping rate and fast delivery time. It only cost me $7 for shipping 15 books and received the books in less than a week:)

Here are some coupon codes to receive discounts.

$5 off if you buy $35, use
Coupon code = Longfellow
Password =

$10 off if you buy $60, use
Coupon code = dealdude-2
Password =

$10 off if you buy $65, use
Coupon code = RedFlag-10
Password = – Books at Blowout Prices

You can search for books in this search box, moneymaker is a hot deal right now.

SEARCH for the best book prices online
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Poker Bankrolls for US Players - $600 Free at YourPokerCash, No Deposit Required

September 14, 2008 0
Free Poker Bankrolls for US PlayersYourPokerCash is the most popular Free Poker Money Site. They have the best offers for the most popular poker rooms. And what makes them so great is they offer Bankrolls to most countries. You cannot join YPC if you are from China, Israel, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, and Lithuania.

1) Create your YPC account here, use referral code freebux

2) Select the poker site of your choice.

3) Check back at YPC for status updates, it usually takes 5 days to receive your cash.

4) Start building your bankroll, after you collect x number of points, you will be credited with another $50 ($100 for Titan, $25 for Party Poker).

1. Only one bankroll per site, per household
2. You MUST be at least 18 years old to receive a free bankroll at Titan, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker.
3. If you have an existing account of any kind at Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt, or Titan Poker, you are not eligible for a free bankroll.
4. We do not accept requests from the following countries: China, Israel, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, and Lithuania. For more details on the banned countries for each site, check the red text for each site on this page.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finished Poker770 Deposit Bonus, Moving onto Action Poker Deposit Bonus

September 04, 2008 0
Ya, so I finished $20 pending bonus I got from Poker770. If you want $50 free at Poker770, click here. You get $7.70 up front, $22 in pending bonus and over $20 tournament tickets.

So, here's my graph, just click it to enlarge. Note: Sharkscope doesn't record every sit and go, they often miss some of them.

So here is my experience at Poker770. I got $7.70 free, played some low stakes cash games and got it to about $22. Got $20 free on Father's day, my friend said he got $20 free on Halloween (Oct. 30), coming up soon, we'll see if they give it out again:) So than I deposit $20, at $67 and worked it to $288.50 playing double up 10 man sit and gos. I really like these because I play tight and just have to place top 5 to win. They're a lot better than headsup sit and gos because you don't have to commit yourself to a pot and easier decisions. Chances are, there's probably not going to be 4 sharks at the table and if there is than sometimes you can let them battle it out.

Anyway, back to my story. I invested $20, made $288.50 so profit of $268.50. I got $47.70 free in cash and paid just over $100 rake so almost 50% rakeback which isn't that bad. I just checked Sharkscope and I have an average profit of $2 per sng and I was 6-8 tabling and each sit and only takes 30 minutes so 2x2x$6-$8 = $24-$32 an hour which is pretty nice:) I wasn't 6-8 tabling the whole time so a little less per hour but still very nice:) The last hour I played, I made $60 in 1 hour, finished off strong:)Not to mention I was sick today, almost didn't play today but glad I did:)

And before I cashout, Poker770 gave me a free $3.30 circus ticket. Might as well use it before I cashout. The circus tournaments run only about once a day so I will play it tomorrow night.

My next stop will be Action Poker. Check out BankrollMob to get $40+100 free at Action Poker. I deposited there again because they have a special tournament just for bankrollmob users. Last month was $1000 tournament and 100 mobsters showed up. Plus they have deposit bonus, I was told over 60% rakeback but not sure yet. If so, than a great deal:)
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