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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Action Poker - Finally reached the 1100 Action Point Mark:)

June 08, 2008 0
Alright, so I reached the 1100 point mark today. I figured I spent $110 on rake, because $1 rake = 10 points and by getting back $50 its like 45.5% rake back which is pretty cool. Not to mention that they gave me $40 free to start so I didn't have to use my own money:) And the $40 is mine to keep, there is a cashout restriction for the $40 and that is 400 Action points which equals 100% rake back. Totally assume:) Only bad thing is there isn't a huge player base there and you have to play at least a $12 tournament/Sit and Go or you don't get pair any points. It should be like play a $6 tournament and get half a point but instead you get nothing. So my advice is stay away from the tournaments unless you're playing one with at least $1 rake.

Anyway, I had a bad start today. I was feeling good and playing good and that what counts. I was almost going on tilt but I told myself theres nothing I can do and they're just getting lucky. So I continued my usual style and being aggressive when I decide to play a hand but also playing more aggressive towards the tight players.

I lost 2 hands as I mentioned above. This one I thought I made it look like I have a flush draw but he makes a good call or donk call with JJ.

GeneYuss vs. SJ
This hand..Nothing much I can do. Can't really raise preflop unless I bet big and I don't want to gamble. I guess I should have reraised on the flop, thats where I went wrong but if I did that this time I'd lose another $10. I check the turn, scared of a flush but I also had the Q of spades so I was going to call a raise if not reraise him on the turn. I value bet at the end and he pot sizes the bet. Only thing that beats me is a King of spades or a full house, straight flush too but unlikely to have that so I call and see the bad news. He had $10 left so at least I saved $10. Would be tough to call if he bet $20 on the end instead of $10. Don't worry, I get him back a few hands later.

Ya, I got him good. I almost folded the river but decided the river bet was weak and sent out $15. Plus there was nearly $20 in there so it was a good gamble. If he calls me with ace 7 than I'd be sick.

Why is this guy betting 11 times the BB and another guy calling 11 times the BB? I thought they could have aces, kings, ace king. I also thought it could be a misclick raise and a donk calling so I send my $10 out there to find out. And I'm happy to see the raiser folding and other guy calling with king jack. Would rather they both call with jacks but QQs hold up so I'm happy:)

GeneYuss Vs. CS
I limp in because they are donks and queen high is most likely no good. Other guy did alright, raise 4x in position. What I don't like is that he bet pot size on the turn and committed himself to the hand. I was slow playing because they are short stacked and because I want them to hit their ace or king or whatever or get them to bluff at it.

This one I got lucky. One time:) This guy just lost 2 pots to me so I figured hes on tilt and going to give me $10 if I hit. On the flop I figure have a gut shot straight draw, over card plus if I hit a jack it might be good, plus a back door flush draw which will happen about 5% of the time. Turn, I only have 4 outs..But I don't know that and call, if he bets $2 I fold. River, my dream card and I stick it all in there. Hes on tilt and I believe he would call my over bet with a lot of hands.

GeneYuss vs. Condar
This hand, condor raised to $1.50. Its a big raise but I call because 10s might be good, I have position and if I hit a set than I'd most likely get his other $10(Position doesn't really matter if he bets big on the flop. So the chance to hit a set is 1 in 8. I'm getting something like 10 to 1 implied odds. So in the long run I would be up a little if he paid me off everytime he had an over pair (He's not going to pay me off everytime) so I was gambling and it paid off:) Condor didn't play the hand bad, nothing he can do.

Okay, Condar's on tilt. Stealing the 25 cents in blinds with $4 bullet showing 3,5 offsuit. He was bleeding money. Anyway, I pick up JJ on the button and do a standard raise. I was thinking of limping in and reraising Condar but decided raising is best. Condar, didn't play this hand terrible but I just played it better:) and position is king. The reason I don't reraise on the flop is because a lot of drawing hands have about 50% against my jacks so I decided to get the money in on the turn if a scare card didn't come. The bet on the turn by Condar looks like he doesn't want a call so I just put him all in.

Anyway, just got some tomato sauce from the corner store. Reheating my spaghetti and burnt meatballs..It'll have to do lol. Forgot to make a video instead of the screenshots. Will try tomorrow.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another successful session at Action Poker:) - Nearly broke $300:)

June 07, 2008 0
Well, I'm up again today:) Thought I'd try a little 25cent, 50cent at the end of my session and it worked out pretty good. I was aggressive and when they played back, I had the hands. I won a bunch of hands in a row and ended my night there. Had a really loose table image and table image is very important. I would have had to tighten up if I continued playing which means money comes in slower.

Anyway, just thought about doing a video instead of listing screenshots..Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

I had a hard time to decide whether or not to do a value bet here but I don't have much time to decide and I was playing 4 tables at a time. Most times when they check on the river it is because they are weak so thats why I bet(I figured he probably had a weaker queen, maybe even QJ).

I squeeze play a lot, maybe too much but its a very powerful move and opponents have a hard time to call it. Lets say 4 people limp in for 25cent. I raise to $1.50-$2 because there is already $1 in there and you usually want to bet 1.5 - 2 times the pot preflop(thats what I figure)(I seen Gus Hansen 3x the pot on Poker After Dark on every squeeze play but you don't have to bet that much). This squeeze play in the screenshot was a little different because every one was short stacked and I wouldn't mind 1-2 callers.

DoubleD played this hand pretty conservative. He could have raised preflop, on the flop and on the turn but he waits until the river to reraise. He scared me with the all in on the river but I was getting 3-1 so easy call.

Action Poker is crazy for the 2 outter on the turn. It should only happen once in ~40 times but seems to happen a lot more than that. I'll take it, its only fair..Happened enough times against me. He was smart to save his last $3, I bet pot size instead of going all in. I think $7 looks a lot better than $10 but he would have called anyway.

Okay, lets bring out the big guns

Standard raise from the button. I was playing aggressive so the other guy should really raise with his ace queen. Hit my dream flop and do a continuation bet. I get reraised. I have 2 choices now, call or raise. No draws out there so he could have something like second pair which I wouldn't want to scare away with a reraise. So I call and give him a chance to bluff at it on the turn if he doesn't have it. I would most likely bet on the turn if he didn't. He bets and "it was like music to my ears" - Johnny Chan. lol.

Just burnt my meat balls..:( And out of pasta sauce..Oh well, just made a sandwich instead.

So anyways, back my hand histories. Heres the last hand I'll show.
Back the Truck Up! - Phil Gordon. lol:) I liked how I played this hand and stifler didn't play it too bad himself. I had a tough call on the river, he could have a flush, a 6 or over pair plus he could have bluffed if a scare card came. The river was a pretty nice card to see...I waited til the timer was at 1 second to call. I was getting nearly 3 to 1 on a call at the end.

stifler made an alright move by min raising preflop and taking control. "Poker is all about control" - Tony G. I guess he didn't continuation bet is because scary board all hearts. By the way, if you're out of position, its a good idea to bet pot size or close to pot size because your opponent will have a hard to bluff or make a move on you later in the hand.
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Good Run in Action Poker :)

June 07, 2008 0
I didn't work today so I had some time to play Action Poker and try to reach 1100 points. I played for just over 2 hours, I usually don't like to play that long without taking a break but there was a lot of bad players and I wanted there money before I left:).

I was expected company so I decided to play just 1 table and at the 10cent 25cent limit. I've lost my bankroll last 2 times I went to 10cent 25cent so I decided to play pretty conservative and see how everybody plays first.

4 handed in I pick up QQ, standard raise and a tried a continuation bet that could look like a steal to entice my opponents to call/raise. I get reraised and we put them all in.

Not too long after I pick up 10s. Raise 4x because someone posted dead 25cent. Looking to take the pot down or perhaps get heads up. I get 3 callers, don't like that. McTwist bets out .75 into a $4 pot, looks like hes on a draw so I raise to $3. Mctwist bets out $2 into a $10 pot. Again, looks like hes drawing and if he has a flush than I can pair the board for a full house or hit the last 10 which is 10 outs or just over 20% of the time.

...I went to the beach and played basketball, such a nice day out. I played another session at Action Poker. I gambled more than I'd like but at least I'm at 828 Action Points, need just 272 points to unlock the $50 bonus. Shouldn't have a problem since I made ~250 points today.

Anyway, here are some hands.

Money Maker

Edit later, going to bed
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still Working on Action Poker Bonus

June 05, 2008 0
I'm at 575 points, have to make it to 1100 in 4 days. I think I can make it there if I move back up to 10cent 15 cent. I'm at $40, could have been up to $80 but I lost one big hand and got on tilt and bluffed big the next hand to an idiot. Very bad idea.

Right at the end I was 4 tabling and playing too many hands and than I timed out on some hands that really costed me a few $.

I think I got lucky today, hit a lot of my flushes, hit a lot of sets but blew it. Oh well, at least I'm up today.

Anyway, nothing really special to post. I got out played in this hand, I was hoping he had king jack..I don't like my all in bet on the turn..bah..position is king
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Goin' Pro - Chris Ferguson

June 05, 2008 0
"Should I quit my job and play professionally?"

"Should I drop out of school and just play poker full time?"

I get these questions all the time and I always give the same answer: "Unequivocally, absolutely not. No way."

Clear enough?

If you want to explore being a professional poker player, you have to start out doing it part time. Spend your off hours thinking about poker and studying the game. Read and play and learn.

Before you even think about quitting your job to play full time, you should be making more money at poker than you are in your current employment. Don't think that one big tournament win provides all the evidence you need that you're ready to play professionally. You should be showing consistent profit over a period of at least six- months. Only at that point should you even entertain the idea of becoming a full-time pro.

Even then, you should be wary about taking such a step. Poker is a great pastime, and playing it casually is a lot of fun when you love the game. But when you become a pro, you have to play poker five or six days a week. In time, playing cards will start to feel a lot like a job. I happen to love every occasion I get to play, but for many people, it can become a grind.

On the tournament circuit, you can play well and still go months - or even years - without a big cash. In ring games, the hours can be brutal. When you're a cash-game pro, you want to be playing when the other players are off their game. This means you should start late, when people are getting tired and gambling a little more than they should. So you might play from 11PM through the morning, and sleep most of the afternoon. Keeping these kinds of hours can be difficult for those who want to maintain a more traditional social life.

Another risk is that you may not play enough. It can take a lot of self-discipline to put in enough hours at the table. With no boss on your tail, you might find it tough to put in the hours that you need at the times that are most profitable.

Before you make drastic changes to your life - before you even ask the questions posed at the start of this article - you should know that poker will work for you. You should have long, profitable periods that serve as evidence of your abilities. You should have put in enough hours to know that you can really enjoy the game, even when it becomes the center of your professional life. You should know that you can endure some long, tough, unlucky stretches.

If you're really sure you’ve got what it takes and poker does become your career, I look forward to meeting you at the table.
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ACtion Poker - Up $7

June 05, 2008 0
I'm at $34 on Action Poker. Was down to $20 after losing $9 with ace king vs Aces.

Okay, ZontarDonk was raising every hand so I raised with my ace king and get rearised and can't really fold ace king in mirco stakes..I don't know, maybe I should have called the reraise.

ZontarDonk raising again and he makes it there.

ZontarDonk played a little bit too conservative this hand I think. (Slow playing my kings cause they're so damn aggressive)

Hit my dream turn one time but lose the pot anyway:( It was limit hold'em by the way.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Action Poker - I'm up to $27

June 03, 2008 0
Well, I went from $7 to $27 in 1 hour. Heres a few hands.

This one, I picked up ace queen. No value reraising and out of position too. So my choices were all in or call. Some what deep stacks so I call. I hit top pair with top kicker. Pretty scary flop so I just check. Than the raiser goes all in like he wanted us to hit top pair and we'd pay him off if he has kings/aces. I'm not falling for that so I fold. He showed aces, so I was happy. Plus he could easily have gotten a set or have king jack.

Very next hand I pick up 66. I limp hoping to hit a set and someone raises. Lot of callers so I call too cause so much money in there and getting good implied odds. I'm happy to see all in by the guy who just lost a big pot the hand before. I call only 2 hands that beat me and would be odd of him to over bet the pot with a huge hand. Insta-call for me, no other choice. Anyway, James79 said he had ace 9. I believed him.

Alright, this hand was the last of the night. You may think I played it bad and you may be right but I liked how I played it. macjac was getting on my nerves too, he was playing a little bit like a donk and out drew me on 3 hands before. One, was I flopped 2 bottom pairs, he had top pair no kicker and got a 6 than another 6 for a better 2 pair. Another hand I hit top pair and he hit bottom and than out drew me getting 2 pair with 2,3. And than another hand he kept betting so small, I knew he was weak so I raised big on river and he called with a total junk like third pair or something.

Oh well, at least I got this hand on him. I had position and I figured he would have to have a pair to call my reraise and I was only a 2 to 1 dog. Plus I was representing a pair. Plus, I had a back door flush draw and a back door straight draw and most likely a 9 or 10 would be good. I would be drawing pretty much dead if he had jacks but I doubt he would bet pot size on flop with jacks.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deposit Poker Bonuses

June 01, 2008 0
free35VC Poker 300% up to $600 deposit bonus 
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Pokerstars 100% up to $50 Deposit Bonus 
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SunPoker $500/£250 No Deposit Bonus 
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100% Welcome Bonus up to $2500 FREE!Action Poker 100% up to $2500 Deposit Bonus 
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