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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unibet - VIP Point Tournament

April 17, 2008 0
Today, I worked 11 hours so only played for an hour. I got an email from Unibet and they doubled my VIP points so that was cool. I had 200 than used them in a rebuy tournament which is pretty good tournament. Only about 35 entrants and 100 Euro prize pool, something like $150. First place is 40 Euro($60), top 5 places get paid. Anyway, I entered in that tourny about a month ago than Unibet gave me another 200 points so I used them to enter again. This time I was playing good but made a bad play 9 handed against the chip leader. Chip leader (14k chips) limps in 3rd from UTG for 600. I'm in the cut off with 44 and I push all in for 7k..1500 in the pot and didn't really want to bet 2k than fold to reraise. Totally regretted it cause if he calls, its a coin flip or he could have me dominated or another player could pick up a hand. Anyway, he showed KK. I hit a set on the flop and he hit a king on the river to knock me out. I don't feel that bad cause if I just limped with the 4s, I would've hit a set and money would've went in anyway.

Anyway, I finally received my money from BankrollMob, was waiting for a about a month for it. BankrollMob has a cool point system where you get points for posting and other things. I just received $193 from them cause I collected 193k points. They use to have it where you get 10 points per post but so many people abused the system (Like me j/k:) that they had to lower it to 5 posts max per day. Anyway, its still good..I make 50 cents per day for a few minutes. They have a locked safe too, I haven't cracked it yet..3 digit number and you have to guess right the 3 numbers. I'm pretty sure I could hack it but I wouldn't want to get caught..

Anyway, so now that I have money in my Money Bookers, I can finally withdrawal my $311 dollars from Unibet(you have to deposit first with MoneyBookers before you can withdrawal, stupid, I know). AS for VC Poker, I have to go to my bank and get bank info to give to VC Poker so they can send me a wire transfer, hopefully its free or cheap to receive it.

I missed the Pokerstars reload bonus..I'm still working on the first deposit bonus but I could have just added on the bonus and do it after. I was going to deposit from Money Bookers buy BRM was so slow sending me my money I couldn't and I didn't really want to send another echeck which would fail cause RBC Bank sucks. Anyway, the reload bonus ended on the 16th, hopefully they bring back the reload bonus soon cause I like playing at PS..But looks like they have the reload bonus just once a year..Oh well, I'll work on the other sites.

Ya, about my blog..I'm going to add a chart with all the bonuses on it, I'm still working on it so its not complete but will update it tomorrow. My old no deposit poker bonus page
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Canada Poker - Bounty Hunter:)

April 11, 2008 0
Played a few sngs today, trying out Poker Office. It Didn't help me much..Maybe I have to read the tutorial or something. I think my problem is I play so tight than when I finally do raise, they just reraise with total junk and suck out..Got a bad headache right now..I'll go and watch some TV, I'll check my hand histories later on PokerOffice and look for mistakes.

BTW, I played a tournament on CanadaPoker, was pretty fun trying to knock out the bounties. 89 people entered, 2 bounties(Admin for Canada Poker and Admin for Pokerspace), $50 per bounty you knock out. Top 5 places get ticket for 100k weekly tournament. I didn't knock out any bounties and finished 16th so kind of sucked.

...And I have lots of ideas for the blog..I think I will cut it into two parts. One where I talk about my stories and another to talk about Poker Bonuses.
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