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Friday, February 29, 2008

Unibet - 500 Point Challenge

February 29, 2008 0
Well, I`m on my quest to get 500 points in Unibet. I calculated I need to give $250 to Unibet in rake and play 500 $5 Sit and gos or 250 $10 Sit and gos or a mixture of them. One thing I did find at Unibet, they have a lot of super turbos, extreme turbos and some turbos too. I could Get the 500 points a lot faster with turbos but theres a lot more luck in turbos and don`t really suit my style..

Anyway, I`m at 25 points right now, and 85 Euros which is like $128 Canadian dollars. I shouldn`t have too much trouble getting 500 points.

Last week I deposited $50 in Pokerstars using echecks. They gave me the $50 but today they sent me an email saying transaction didn`t go through and took back the $50 lol. I still have the deposit bonus listed in my account. I sent them an email and they`ll update me on the situation.

Anyway, I`m working on some banners for my blog..its a little tough and time consuming.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unibet - Bluffing to make a bluff fold lol

February 27, 2008 0
Okay, so I got free $20 from Unibet at bankroll Mob. If I get 500 points within a month Ill get another $20. But to get 500 points I have to pay $250 in rake or play 500 $5 Sit and Gos which wont be easy. Anyway, I was playing a $5 Sit and go and I limped in small blind with 10 8. Flop came Q 6 7. I was thinking of betting on the flop but I don't have position so I checked. Blind blind min bets so I call cause I figure I have gut shot and 2 overs lol(I don't think he has a queen). Turn, I check and river I gave up and checked it. He bets 210 which was very weak so I couldn't help myself with a raise lol.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Headsup in Pokerstars Sit and Go

February 26, 2008 0
Check these hands out..I usually don't bluff but I could tell this guy was weak..especially by the amount he bet. That last one, I think I played it bad but I made the right call lol.

(Update: May 5/08) All my hand histories got deleted..Oh well..

Hand 1

Hand 2

Final Hand
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Pokerstars FPP Points and CD Poker - Poker School

February 25, 2008 0
About a week ago I didn't know what I wanted to spend my Pokerstars FPP points on. I heard someone else say he makes a nice profit selling Pokerstars Tshirts on ebay. He sells it in Euros or something like that and he averages $20 a Tshirt, thats pretty nice but only problem you have to reship it and is a little hassle. I only had 800 points and each Tshirt is 500 points. So I only got 1 shirt and had 300 points left. I entered 4 sit that cost 70FPP each. If I win in one of those sngs than Ill get a $11 ticket to Sunday 100 grand. But I wouldn't play in Sunday Grand cause I'm not that great in tournaments. So I would have sold the tournament money and get $10 for each Sit and Go I won. I ended up losing in all 4 Sit and Gos and was pretty disappointed. Got some bad beats but oh well.

Anyway, today I get a note on my door. It says delivery attempt but no one home and they'll be back tomorrow. So I got to make sure I wake up early tomorrow. They came 1:30 in afternoon but I was still sleeping lol. Haven't decided if I want to sell the shirt or keep it. If I can get $15 than I guess Ill sell it.

I just passed some Pokerschool quiz to get $50+$100 on BankrollMob. Pretty easy quiz except that its hard to understand what they're trying to say cause they word some of the questions bad. Not sure what the restrictions are in cashing out..
And I signed up for free bankroll at Unibet Poker. Hopefully I get my bankroll soon.
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Pokerstars Hand Histories

February 25, 2008 0
Sweet Pea
Oh Lala, look at this pretty girl I got to play against. And sorry to her for knocking her out in 3rd place.

Heres the hand I knocked her out with; Mr_Gene_Yuss vs Sweety_Poker... We would make a good couple:)

Anyway heres my thought process during the hand. I Called with a king, decent headsup. Checked flop to induce a bet, reraised 4x because too many drawing hands out there. Non scare turn so I pushed in.

Same tournament, headsup. Mr_Gene_Yuss vs Fabel79

Raised in position with Queen 5 suited. hit my 2 pair and min raised him on the flop. I think I should have raised to 1600 at least so he'd push with a king or have to call or push a flush draw. I checked on the turn, suspected a made flush..Couldn't fold to 1000 bet at the end, was getting 4 and a half to one on my money

Heres another Sit and Go, I thought I had this game in the bag. Lucky bugger.

Hand 1

Hand 2

Hand 3

Hand 4

Some Other Hands

Jacks- at first I thought of folding but if he didn't have a king than I'd be in good position to take down this sng.

Ace King - Lucky buggers

Straight Flush - Got a straight flush today, if I could change the way I played it I would have bet less on turn. 300 looks scary.

Anyway, played about 2 hours today. Made $38 with only getting second places, not bad.

Here's my Pokerstars stats, I'm Hot:)

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10K Pokerstars Freeroll!!!

February 25, 2008 2
Pokerstars FreerollsI totally forgot about the 10k Freeroll on Pokerstars. I just deposited in Pokerstars and just so happens if you deposit between like Feb 14th-23rd than you can enter a bunch of free $500 freerolls. And If you place in the money in one than you get registered in a 10k freeroll. I only played in one of the $500 cause you have to place like top 10 to just get like $20. So I placed in the money pretty easy but totally forgot about the 10k freeroll..So mad cause I have only played 2.5k freerolls before and if I won the 10k, I'd have something like $1400, oh well.
I'm trying to get 5000 points in BankrollMob than they'll transfer me $50 to my MoneyBookers account. Only at 176 points now but hopefully it'll increase faster once I invite some friends.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poker Day

February 24, 2008 0
Today, I worked 11 hours so only played for an hour. I got an email from Unibet and they doubled my VIP points so that was cool. I had 200 than used them in a rebuy tournament which is pretty good tournament. Only about 35 entrants and 100 Euro prize pool, something like $150. First place is 40 Euro($60), top 5 places get paid. Anyway, I entered in that tourny about a month ago than Unibet gave me another 200 points so I used them to enter again. This time I was playing good but made a bad play 9 handed against the chip leader. Chip leader (14k chips) limps in 3rd from UTG for 600. I'm in the cut off with 44 and I push all in for 7k..1500 in the pot and didn't really want to bet 2k than fold to reraise. Totally regretted it cause if he calls, its a coin flip or he could have me dominated or another player could pick up a hand. Anyway, he showed KK. I hit a set on the flop and he hit a king on the river to knock me out. I don't feel that bad cause if I just limped with the 4s, I would've hit a set and money would've went in anyway.

Anyway, I finally received my money from BankrollMob, was waiting for a about a month for it. BankrollMob has a cool point system where you get points for posting and other things. I just received $193 from them cause I collected 193k points. They use to have it where you get 10 points per post but so many people abused the system (Like me j/k:) that they had to lower it to 5 posts max per day. Anyway, its still good..I make 50 cents per day for a few minutes. They have a locked safe too, I haven't cracked it yet..3 digit number and you have to guess right the 3 numbers. I'm pretty sure I could hack it but I wouldn't want to get caught..

Anyway, so now that I have money in my Money Bookers, I can finally withdrawal my $311 dollars from Unibet(you have to deposit first with MoneyBookers before you can withdrawal, stupid, I know). AS for VC Poker, I have to go to my bank and get bank info to give to VC Poker so they can send me a wire transfer, hopefully its free or cheap to receive it.

I missed the Pokerstars reload bonus..I'm still working on the first deposit bonus but I could have just added on the bonus and do it after. I was going to deposit from Money Bookers buy BRM was so slow sending me my money I couldn't and I didn't really want to send another echeck which would fail cause RBC Bank sucks. Anyway, the reload bonus ended on the 16th, hopefully they bring back the reload bonus soon cause I like playing at PS..But looks like they have the reload bonus just once a year..Oh well, I'll work on the other sites.

Ya, about my blog..I'm going to add a chart with all the bonuses on it, it's actually right under this post but I'm still working on it so its not complete but will update it tomorrow. My old no deposit poker bonus page
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pokerstars Bonus

February 23, 2008 0
I wanted to deposit into Pokerstars to get the deposit bonus but my VISA is gambling restricted. So I sent Pokerstars an email asking for another way to deposit. A Pokerstars girl messaged me on Pokerstars and asked for my phone number. So I gave it to her and she phoned me lol. She helped me along with using echeck and she gave me free extra $5. Thats cool. She said all you have to do is get 500FPP points to unlock bonus than she said you already have 900 points? lol, I told her that I already built my bankroll playing freerolls and that I'm depositing to get the bonus.

Pokerstars 100% Deposit Bonus
Just now a pokerstars guy phoned me and asked if everything worked out okay with depositing and said thank you for choosing Pokerstars lol. I kind of like their service. I just wish there was an easy way to chat with them without sending them an email but I guess there are too many players to chat with.

Anyway, after I collect the 500 points I'll cash out. Than when Pokerstars has the 25% reload bonus than I'll deposit again.(Update)I missed the reload bonus:( I guess I have to wait until next year..They only have the reload bonus about once a year.
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Down $50 in Pokerstars

February 23, 2008 0
I'm on Super TiltI just had a terrible streak on Pokerstars. Didn't place in my last 10 $5 sit and gos..so down $50..I had some terrible beats..kings vs 5,6 offsuit, Ace queen vs ace 9, ace 10 vs ace 9, 7s vs 10 8 offsuit, that one got my on tilt, Qs vs ace 9, ace king vs 2s. It was unreal... And these were huge pots, if I win them I'm way out in front. And I was the raiser and they call with those junk hands..Whats worse, i got knocked out 4th out of 9 places and 3rd place gets money. Sharkscope says I'm on super tilt and I guess thats right. I'll quit until tomorrow.

Anyway, I have 1500 points in VC Poker I want to use but all they're point tournaments really suck. Theres only one that looks okay, 150 points, $150 tournament. Top 3 get paid, $75, $45, $30, min 10 players, max 400. Probably there will be a few hundred that join so won't be great. I wish they had a 1500 point tournament that had $1500 prize pool..Oh well. I have 200 points in Unibet I have to use..Probably nothing good on there either.
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Poker Money

February 22, 2008 0
I signed up for a lot of sites that give you free poker money. There are requirements before you withdrawal the money. Most of the requirements are pretty easy to fulfill. YourPokerCash and BankrollMob have the best offers I have found.

You do have to give them your phone number and show them some sort of identity with your face on it. I was skeptical at first but I understand cause its a good deal and lots of people try to make multiple account. I just covered all the important numbers on my drivers license and showed them that and was approved. I'm starting on Ultimate Bet free bankroll, I've played 138 hands and need to play 2500 before I cash out. Won't be hard cause it only took me an hour to get 138 hands.

Anyway, sign up and have fun. And if you lose all the money than who cares? It wasn't your money. Just move on to the next bankroll lol:) BTW, that's David Benyamine's wife Erica Schoenberg. Isn't she pretty:) I'd like to play headsup with her:)
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My Poker Day

February 22, 2008 0
Played a few sngs today, trying out Poker Office. It Didn't help me much..Maybe I have to read the tutorial or something. I think my problem is I play so tight than when I finally do raise, they just reraise with total junk and suck out..Got a bad headache right now..I'll go and watch some TV, I'll check my hand histories later on PokerOffice and look for mistakes.

BTW, I played a tournament on CanadaPoker, was pretty fun trying to knock out the bounties. 89 people entered, 2 bounties(Admin for Canada Poker and Admin for Pokerspace), $50 per bounty you knock out. Top 5 places get ticket for 100k weekly tournament. I didn't knock out any bounties and finished 16th so kind of sucked.

...And I have lots of ideas for the blog..I think I will cut it into two parts. One where I talk about my stories and another to talk about Poker Bonuses.
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Unibet - Finished the 200 Points, Victory is Mine!!

February 22, 2008 0
Ya, so I finally reached Unibet 200 points. Took me around 150 sit and gos to complete. I think I played something like 90 $5 Turbos, 50 regular $5 sngs and like 15 $10 sngs. So I ended my run with 203 Euros. Had ups and downs especially near the end. I was playing pure turbos at the end cause those are really fast..a lot of luck in them though. I converted my Euros on Unibet to Canadians Dollars, Euro dollar is doing good so I got $317 which is pretty nice.

Euro to Canadian Dollar Exchange RateEuro to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate
I tried to send the money to my Money Bookers account but it didn't go though, maybe I have to deposit first if I want to withdrawal to MB. I don't really want to deposit so if thats the case, I'll just withdrawal by bank transfer which is free I think.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

February 21, 2008 0
Here are some general questions about free bankrolls, if you have any questions you can ask below or you can contact me privately on Contact Page.

How can pokerrooms give out free cash?
Pokersites provide affiliates money to get new players to their sites

What Pokerrooms Accept US residents?
Check out my Free Poker Bankrolls page. I put a US flag beside the pokerromms which are US friendly.

Where do I know if I can join a poker room or not?
You have to be at least 18 years old to request a no deposit poker bonus. In addition you should check in the description of each poker room, whether you country is eligible or not for the poker bonus.

I don't have any ID
Do you have a drivers license or passport or other ID? Just cover important numbers before you scan it. Titan Poker, VC Poker and Pitbull Poker do not require ID but you have to fill out your name and address so they can send the money to you when you cashout.

Are there any strings attached to these free bankrolls?
There are no strings attached, just read the details and rules and you should receive your bankroll in a few days. I have tried every Free Bankroll that I promote and I have always received the money.

Is there a cashout restriction?
Most pokerrooms have a cashout restriction but they are usually easy to fulfill such as play 500 hands before you can cashout, etc.

How many no deposit bonuses can I request?
You can request ALL poker bonuses with the condition that you don't already have an account on the specific poker room, your country is eligible and you are at least 18 years old.
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E-LivePoker - 5€ Free

February 21, 2008 1
(Update - May 6/08) Seems like a terrible site and most likely will be hard to cash your money out so try at your own risk

I just received my free 5€. All you have to do is click the banner and create an account and you'll receive 5€ free. The minimum cashout is 20€ which won't be too hard to get.

Come play with us , Also new games !

The Most Exciting Game!

Along with the best players and the most beautiful hostesses.
* A different girl awaits you in each table.
* Play with a maximum of 5 players at each table.
* Play for real cash!
* A total of 10 rooms and 200 tables!

The most indispensable of all games!
* A different girl awaits you in each table
* Play with a maximum of 5 players at each table.
* Play for real cash!
* A total of 10 rooms and 200 tables!

The Most Captivating game!
* A different girl awaits you in each table.
* Play with a maximum of 5 players at each table.
* Play for real cash!
* A total of 10 rooms and 200 tables!

Everything is "Okay" at These Tables!
* Most popular Turkish game now at your fingertips!
* Abitility to be able to play with 2,3,4 users simultaneously!
* A total of 200 tables in 10 rooms!

Show your talent now!

You to play backgammon with real money.
* Real Players! Real Money!
* 400 tables in 10 rooms!
* The Backgammon that you know, with all the rules intact...
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